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The EWD Print Shop is open!

I'm so excited to share something that I've been working on for a while - a digital art print shop!

I started this site to not only provide design services, but also inspire affordable, thoughtful, and creative home design and style. I love working with interior design clients online who might not be able to afford an in-person, full-time designer because I think everyone deserves to love their home and share it with others without blowing their budget. Artwork is one aspect of decor that can really make a space, but unique artwork can often be super pricey (as it should be - artists put in a lot of work!), and cheap mass produced artwork tends to fall flat. Most people can't afford to pay for original art for every wall, so we need to get creative!

I like to fill my walls with art that I've created, whether that's photography from my travels, abstract paintings, watercolor, or line drawings. But I realize this isn't an option for everyone, so I decided to start this print shop to provide a variety of high quality, unique images to fill your walls! The first collection is photographs from my travels, which I'll continue to add to in the future - plus drawings and paintings are coming soon!


The EWD Print Shop is a print shop for digital images. All images are high resolution originals available for only $10! After you purchase your print, you'll be able to download the image, crop, and print it to whatever size you need. I like to print images to fit a frame from a thrift store or an affordable frame from Target or IKEA.


Every image in the print shop includes the aspect ratio of the uncropped image so you know the proportions before you buy, but as I mentioned, feel free to crop the images to fit your frames! I have Hydrangeas cropped and printed to fit a square frame in my living room because I love the way it sets the window in the top right corner. I like to print images at mpix because their quality is awesome and they ship fast, but if you have a membership, Costco has really reasonable prices for prints (even large sizes).


Custom framing is beautiful, but of course not budget-friendly. If you want to be able to pick your frame style and mat size, Framebridge is a reasonably priced semi-custom option. Really simple white or black frames from IKEA (the RIbba is my favorite!) work great to make the art pop. Target also has a beautiful brass frame with a wide white mat at a great price, and sometimes you can get a good deal on frames at Michael's or Hobby Lobby when they have sales.

I hope you're excited to add some affordable art for your walls, and keep checking back for new prints, tips, and styling suggestions!

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