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Powder Room Update: One Year Later

So keeping in the spirit of our one year updates, I thought I'd share the status of our powder room. Except...this headline may be a little misleading because we haven't done anything to this room yet. Exhibit A:

So I put a basket on the back of the commode for extra toilet paper, and that's it. After over a year in this house, this bathroom still didn't even have a mirror:

Sorry to all our guests who have used this tiny, mirrorless bathroom in the past year! I had spent some time looking for mirrors, but got discouraged because I couldn't find anything that I liked for a reasonable price, and it was hard enough to find something that was just the right size regardless of price point. If you couldn't tell from the pictures, this bathroom is super small, so a standard vanity size mirror (20x30" is a typical size) is still too big. I even grabbed a mirror from Target one day just to try it, but it felt huge when I held it up over the sink, so I returned it and just went on with a mirrorless bathroom.

Oh and did I mention that it also had the ugliest light ever?

All of the lighting choices in our house when we moved in were questionable at best, but this one takes the cake. So ugly, and it doesn't match ANYTHING else in the house - style, finish, and colors are all totally random. Again, I spent some time searching for lighting options that were the right scale for the tiny space, and reasonably priced. I had narrowed it down to a few, but without finding the right mirror I couldn't commit to anything.

Fast forward to Premier Day at Pottery Barn, and I found a small mirror over 60% off, so I went for it. It fits perfectly, and I like that the brass finish brings some warmth and contrasts really nicely with the chrome finishes. Chrome is a really cool silver tone, and if you look closely in the photos it almost leans blue. I tend to like finishes that feel a little bit warm, so I would've opted for polished nickel instead of chrome, but we were trying to work with what was already in the bathroom, so the next best option is to mix in warmer finishes (like brass and the natural woven basket) to balance out the cool chrome.

Mixing metals really makes a space interesting, but you have to be careful with how you're spreading the tones throughout the room and balancing warm with cool. Here are some of my favorite bathroom designs that mix metals and balance color tones really well:

I love how those all have different metals on the sconces and the mirrors - it adds a lot of interest above the vanity, which is the main area that I have to work with in such a small bathroom. I also really love the ones that include wood cabinets and natural accents that add warmth to an otherwise cool space. There's a balance when designing your bathroom to create a space that feels clean (no one wants a bathroom that feels dirty or dingy!) but not stark, and since I just have a pedestal sink and no cabinets, I plan on adding warmth with the basket and artwork.

With the gold mirror, I decided to go with chrome for the sconce, though I think in a larger bathroom it would be nice to mix in a third finish - like the black cabinet hardware + brass sconces + nickel mirrors and faucets in that last picture - but since this room is small I don't want to make it busy or for everything to feel random. The space is too small even for a rug, so the only other thing that we may add is a shelf above the commode for a candle, faux plant, or room spray, but that might come later!

I ordered the sconce, but we've run into some technical issues with install, so it's a work in progress! And I decided floral artwork would be a fun touch, so I'm working on some bright, warm floral paintings. I always think powder rooms are an opportunity to go a little bit bolder and more playful then the rest of your home (since it's a small, closed off area and doesn't need to "flow" quite as much) so I'm playing with layering different colors, and that's a work in progress, too! And I'm still on the hunt for a tiny soap dispenser that's cute! It has to fit on the itty bitty pedestal sink top, so that's another challenge. But, I'm excited to actually have a little personality in this space! Hopefully I'll have a more updated update for you soon ;)

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