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Living Room Inspiration

I'm back with more inspiration, because of course the real-life design process moves a lot slower than my Pinterest searching, online sourcing, and photoshopping! Also, I think there's something to be said for designing a whole house more or less at the same time, that way all the rooms feel like they belong together instead of isolated spaces with different design styles.

Next up is our living room, which is the largest room of the house and one where we spend a lot of time. We love to watch movies, I spend mornings in here reading, and sometimes edit photos or answer emails from my laptop on the couch. The main goal for the living room is comfort. We want to be able to lounge, lay down, and relax on the couch. If you remember from my post on how to choose a couch, we dealt with an uncomfortable sofa for a long time before getting our sectional. It's MUCH more comfortable, but besides that one piece, there are things like a rug, pillows, coffee table, additional seating, artwork, and accessories that still need to come together!

via Studio McGee

So priority one, a comfy sofa/sectional. But that's really only enough for the two of us to lay down, or sit with one guest. Occasionally we host small gatherings in the living room, so we will eventually need more seating for guests. I love how the image above mixes different classic shapes in the seating, different types of seating, and chairs that feel lighter visually than the sofas. Visually it's very interesting, but it also gives people options to sit in a seat that's upright or more laid back. I also really love light neutrals, natural textures, and a mixture of patterns for my own spaces. I find this combination to be timeless, warm, and relaxing.

via Studio McGee

Again, I love the warm wood and texture in the image above. The brass accents add great warmth, too. I also love adding some colorful accents in the pillows and artwork. It still feels soft, but like it's been brightened up just a bit.

via Studio McGee

Are you seeing a pattern here with warm natural textures? This one might be a little too blue for me personally (although I do love blue!), but it's still beautiful. And I do love the combination of the cool rug + warm wood table. Also love that floor lamp and the softness of the abstract art.

via Studio McGee

Lastly, I LOVE the green in this open living room and kitchen. This image definitely makes me want to incorporate forest green somehow, maybe in artwork, pillows, or a large ottoman. I've always loved green, but seeing it pop against the light neutrals with mixed patterns, texture, and a little warmth just has a really relaxing, welcoming vibe. This combo is like the refreshing feeling you get when you've spent a day outside enjoying nature.

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