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Bedroom Update: One Year Later

Continuing on with our progress in our home, I've got a bedroom update for you!

This room has stayed pretty true to the original design plans with one unfortunate exception. Though we did have a beautiful rug (maybe my favorite rug ever - just look at how pretty it is!) in these photos one year after we moved in, we had a dog puke incident a few months later. While the dogs aren't normally in our room, one of them came in while I was showering and threw up all over the rug. ALL OVER. I tried to clean it, but whatever I did made the dye run bright red. I don't even know where that red came from?! There was no red in this rug! I tried every home remedy and special cleaner, and eventually moved on to spot treating with RIT dye remover, which seemed to work some but took a lot of repetitive effort (like, weeks) because dye can be deep down in fibers and continue to resurface. I thought I was making progress, but then I had the rug drying in the sun one day and when I went out to move it there was a huge hole in the rug. So all that to say, our room doesn't look like this any more. We have a new (cheaper) rug on the way, I've learned to always close the bedroom door, and to try to clean my wool rugs with water before testing any cleaners. Rest in peace, beautiful rug.

Now that we've got that sad story out of the way, we can talk about the actual progress that's happened and is staying! Both the chest and washstand that we use for nightstands are pieces that I found secondhand when I was in college. They've now lived in three states and five different homes, and are still going strong! I love the character that they bring, and how even though they don't match exactly the wood tone is similar enough to frame the bed nicely.

The larger chest is on the opposite side of the bed from the window, which adds weight to that side and balances out the height of the window a bit. I also chose ivory velvet curtains to add softness to the window and fully block out the light without feeling super heavy. I love the ivory against the warm creamy walls and the linen bed (the color is called "talc") - we were going for relaxing and textural!

We're super happy with the quality of this bed frame. I love the look of a fully upholstered bed, but they can get so pricey! This one was a great deal, simple to put together, and looks very high end. The cross supports under the mattress are metal, so it's really sturdy and I can tell the difference in back support. Highly recommend!

The lamps are super affordable, and I love the combination of glass and brass (which ties in nicely to the hardware on the chest). Above the chest are two photos stacked to mimic the height of the window (all about that balance!), and also to bring in just a touch of color (though I may change those photos because the new rug has more green than blue).

The bed linens are all white, which I love, but I'm still figuring out the best arrangement for those. I want the quilt to be fuller/longer on the sides, so I'm thinking of getting a king size quilt, even though our bed is a queen (this is a commonly used trick for duvets to make the bed look really full!). We also have six pillows on the bed in these pictures, but typically ended up throwing two pillows on the floor every night because it was just too much. Maybe I'll add an oversized lumbar instead of those? That's an easy way to complete a bed without adding a million pillows (fun fact: this may be a design sin, but I hate making the bed, so I don't care if decorative bed pillows look pretty, they are pointless because they will live on my floor).

Still to come in the bedroom: a wood leaner mirror on the side wall, a bench at the foot of the bed (the trunk that's currently our living room coffee table will move in here when we finally get a new coffee table) and some artwork above the dresser on the wall facing the bed. Not sure yet what I want to put there! That dresser isn't pictured here because the wall above it is still blank, and the wall next to it has become a home for our luggage :I So I'm really happy with how this space is coming along, but if anyone has art ideas or tips for storing luggage somewhere other than the middle of your bedroom, I'm all ears!

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