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Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation



We'll set up a time to chat virtually about whatever design questions you have in your home. Have some pieces you love but not sure where to put them or how to style? Confused about how to choose a color palette? Need suggestions for tile, flooring, or fixtures? Whatever it is that you need help with, we can tailor this consultation to meet your needs.


You'll send me your Pinterest board before our call so that I can get an idea of your style. Having measurements of certain spaces where you have questions is helpful, but you can also carry around a tape measure during our consult and measure on the fly as needed! Other things to consider ahead of time to make the most of your consult: budget, functional needs and pain points, willingness to DIY/hire a contractor.


Once you've gathered all your info, we'll have our live consultation (via Zoom or Facetime) to discuss whatever you need help with for up to an hour and a half. You may purchase additional time as needed.


After our call is complete, I may ask for more information from you in order to make some specific recommendations, which I will then email to you with design boards and product links as needed. If your needs include paint, fabric, or material suggestions, I will also mail you samples of suggestions for those pieces.


    This consultation price is based on a consultation call 1 hour in length, plus follow up with specific product and size suggestions emailed to you, as well as material samples mailed to you as needed. Extended call time or design boards may be requested and purchased for an additional fee.

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