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Master Bedroom Inspiration

As I mentioned in my post about inspiration for our living room, I'm working on designing all the spaces in our new house at the same time so that our home feels like one cohesive space. Of course not everything is going to be matchy-matchy, but it's been really good to keep the whole house in mind as I'm designing individual rooms, even though I'm actually implementing the designs really slowly over time (so slowly that who knows if/when our guest room will actually get done!).

So today I'm talking about our master bedroom, which is a pretty small space and just has room for the essentials - bed, nightstands, dresser, full length mirror. The bedrooms in our house aren't tiny, but they're definitely small in comparison to the living areas, which I really like. I'd rather have lots of space in the rooms where we spend the majority of our time (except sleeping) and have room for lots of guests.

Since the bedroom is small, it should be relatively simple to design, but it has a funny layout that makes things a little tricky. We'll get into that with the design plans in a few weeks, but for now let's check out some inspiration!

I love this room for a lot of reasons - the airy, relaxing feel, lots of soft textures, upholstered bed, vintage rug, soft curtains...the list goes on and on. We have 9' ceilings, but they're not pitched or dramatic like this space, and we definitely need a fan and not a chandelier (it's just not practical no matter how pretty!), but I'm for sure taking note of everything that makes this room feel cozy, soft, and light.

Another soft, light space. Again, I love the upholstered headboard and white bedding (it just feels so fresh!). The brass accents mixed with black feel special, and I also have vintage nightstands that I found on Craigslist that are really similar in tone to the dark wood here. Even though I like a mostly light bedroom, I do love the richness that dark wood adds and I think every room needs some dark elements for depth!

I love how this room feels soft and light, but has tons of texture. Gold accents, rustic wood, a plush rug. As pretty as this rug is, it really makes me long for an antique one. They just add so much character to a space! I also think I prefer a warmer room - a little more wood, a little less grey.

There are some things in this room that I don't love (the art is a little small, and I'm not a fan of grommet top curtains), but I do love this bed and how much life the rug adds to the room. I don't think this particular rug is for me, but I do love the look of a really soft space with a warm vintage rug.

Another white/light bedroom with a colorful vintage rug! Again, not sure about this particular rug (it's VERY red), but I love how warm it makes the room. Also love the gold and black details, warm wood, and soft drapes.

We're already making progress in this room, so I promise to share the design plans soon! I'm still on the hunt for some special artwork and a few accessories, but the main plans are coming together. :)

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